Style coach education is bullshit!

Hi everyone..

Long time no see..

I have a little something on my chest that I want to share with you guys..

And that is about all the “schools” popping up about how you can “learn” to style yourself and your customers.. Please don’t attend and use money on that shit..

I’m not an educated stylist, but I just know how to style my self and other people, and I’ve been doing it for years..

Even if you think they know how to style your customers, maybe they do… But if you think of it this way.. One hairdresser can get educated for 4 years and still don’t know how to do hair.. The same with style coaches.. If you know how to style people, you know.. You don’t need an unnecessary expensive education just to have it on paper..

Just so you all know.. Because I think it’s just a way to take people’s money..

They’re learning what everybody thinks is the right way on how to dress as a Plussize woman.. So if you hire af style coach just remember that they are showing what everyone else is showing..

Style is not a thing you can buy, you’re born with it..

Just saying..

I know that you can hire me as a personal shopper and stylist but I’m not captured by a school who tells me how to dress a body..

I know! And I don’t think the schools are right.. In fact I think that they are old fashion and captured in society illusion on how a Plussize should dress..

So before you or your business throw money out.. Think! Just think!


  2 comments for “Style coach education is bullshit!

  1. 15. August 2016 at 3:05 pm

    uhhhhhhhh we couldn’t agree more !!
    Thank you for shouting it out loud 😀
    Katrine & Stine
    Pretty Curvy

  2. 1. November 2016 at 9:41 am

    Jeg er enig med dig, og jeg elsker dette indlæg

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